Flexible Working Podcast: Mental Health and Flexible Working

It’s been a busy few months at BULLDOG & MAPLE. We’re excited to be working with a new tech client who is focused on mental health and improving cognitive fitness across the education, commercial and health sectors. The service is like having a personal trainer for your brain in your pocket and it’s amazing to see the impact they are having on everyone from start-up founders to primary school age students. More details on this client to come soon!

Supporting positive mental health is something we feel strongly about, and while it’s not the only factor, having a good work life balance is an important part of achieving and maintaining it.

I was honoured to be invited to speak on the Flexible Movement podcast, which was featured in the Financial Times article, Flexible working’s unforeseen tensions recently, to discuss my views and experience of flexible working within brand and marketing teams. We spoke about how our best ideas rarely come to us while sitting at a desk, and why it’s important to allow flexible working hours and environment to foster creativity within individuals and teams, and what has worked well for teams I’ve lead and worked in.

You can hear the full podcast, Episode 13 - Why we need flexibility to create our best ideas, on iTunes.

Hope you have a great week!