New Lead US Associate Announced

When we launched BULLDOG & MAPLE, a key principle for the agency was about working with clients and Associates that inspire and complement us to deliver great work that both makes an impact and that we are proud of.

We are now 7 months into this incredible journey with the agency and I can honestly say that the clients, associates and partners that we are working with have exceeded all our expectations. A humbling experience, for sure!

As we grow the agency, our Associate community is a key aspect of our delivery team and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce a very special addition to the wider team.

Dean Kline, who I had the pleasure of working alongside in a previous role, is joining BULLDOG & MAPLE as our lead Associate in the US. Dean will also be providing our global customers with a broad range of PR, communications and media engagement related services.

Dean is an award-winning communications and marketing professional who brings extensive experience to the Bulldog and Maple portfolio. He has been a trusted advisor to CEOs and business leaders in both fast-growth startups and some of the world’s most admired corporations, including Dell and IBM.

During his tenure at Dell, Dean worked closely with CEO Michael Dell, providing communications, speechwriting, PR and employee communications support. He managed many of Michael’s media engagements and keynotes at industry, employee and customer events. As one of Dell’s key technology communications leaders, Dean also worked with many of the company’s strategic partners, such as Intel and Microsoft, including writing and producing a keynote for Bill Gates.

Dean has been a national education technology leader, helping shape the industry’s dialogue around technology in education. As a member of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, he worked with education leaders across the US to help define and communicate the skills students need for success in the 21st century. Dean and his team won the prestigious Silver Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of America for work related to 21st century skills.

Dean is recognized as an outstanding communications strategist, while being equally effective developing and executing communications and marketing plans, and will help us provide outstanding support to our clients.

His arrival will enable BULLDOG & MAPLE to address client needs across a number of industries, including education, healthcare and government, helping both startup businesses and more established firms achieve their goals.

As our lead Associate in the US, he will also partner with myself and the broader team to further extend our local delivery of strategy and media services to organisations across the region.

Looking back at the core principles that Marcy and I discussed when we launched the agency, I can honestly say that Dean ticks each and every one of them. Working closely with him is going to help us all grow across the agency and will definitely help make a huge impact on our clients and create work we can all be proud of.

Welcome to the team, Dean!